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Have students or parents of students make a list of local businesses (restaurants, automotive, retails, etc.) and have students contact business management to seek a gift card donation for your local fundraiser. Then raffle your gift cards. This is a great fundraiser. Then sell raffle tickets for $1.00 or whatever you deem appropriate.


Another example of a quick and easy fundraiser with low overhead but fun results. All you need is a large jar that you can fill up with candy (M&Ms, Skittles, or Candy Corn are a prime choice) and tickets you can sell for staff and students to take a guess at how many candies are in the jar. You can either offer the candy as the prize, or have different prizes (gift card prize or cash prize)


Set out plastic bins or containers in front of each grade level/classroom/advisement group/ homeroom/etc. Every morning people can put pennies in them, or they can sabotage other teams by dropping cash in (every dollar cancels out 100 pennies). The team with the most pennies wins – pizza party, breakfast party from Chick-fil-A, etc.? You may want to define better where buckets are placed, who monitors the donations, etc. Something cheap. Based on averages, you could make over $700 in 3 months.


Spelling bees can sometimes be torture for students. Why not consider an adult spelling bee for fundraising and to let the school staff/parents see how hard it can be? Most schools hold spelling bees so setting one up should be fairly easy. Your group can select up to 20 parents/faculty members, or as many as you deem necessary. Set an entrance fee per entry (can be $50). The adults are responsible for getting sponsorship to pay the entry fee, or if they choose to pay the entry fee out of pocket. Your group can order a trophy for the winner through entry funds. This fundraiser can net easily $1,000 if not more depending on entry fee and sponsorships the entrants find.


Whoever eats six doughnuts the fastest wins the contest, which was designed to raise money for the specific upcoming GCCE competition. To enter the contest, you pay $10. The winner gets $50, or a price determined fair based on the number of participants. A donations jar will be placed at the scene, as well as selling a dozen doughnuts at the price you determine. Several doughnut chains often give schools discounts on doughnut sells. Your school can make money through 3 revenue sources with this fundraiser: 1) participant entry, 2) donation jar, 3) doughnut sells at the event.


Restaurant nights can be a simple fundraiser; you just have to get the word out for people to go on your designated night. Find a restaurant that agrees to support your fundraiser. Example: Chipotle offers the best deal out of all the restaurants I looked at. They will give you 50% of the proceeds. *This only applies to participating restaurants/chains.


In this fundraiser, your group can grab a couple of toilets and decorate them in school colors for this endeavor. You can tweak or determine the prices for this fundraiser as you see fit. This fundraiser usually causes no issues as those who pay to place the item at a home or business are well acquainted or friends just trying to have fun. For $10, you can have one of the tacky toilets placed anywhere you choose, including local businesses or someone’s home. To have the potty removed, the recipient must pay $15. A second option is to pay $10 to have it passed on to someone else. If someone decides to be a “potty pooper” the group will remove the toilet for no charge. The team offers “potty protection insurance” for $25. This insurance ensures that the potties will not be delivered to your home or business. Groups have conducted this fundraiser that resulted in some cases more than $1,000.


Your students can also solicit support from their peers, friends, family, and community members personally! You can find more details on how to guide your students through this in our Personal Fundraising Guide linked below!


There are many local businesses that would support your students in our programs. Sit down with your group and talk through who has connections with local business owners and use the resources provided to have your students write sponsorship letters to the local businesses in your area. If a business sponsors your students, you can put their logo on a club t-shirt as a thank you for their sponsorship!


Using the template provided, have your students recruit 8 local businesses to support your club. The businesses will commit to providing a discount for the rest of the school year at their establishment. Set a goal and print the cards. The students will then commit to selling a certain number of discount cards for $15 each to their friends and family.

50/50 RAFFLE

For the classic 50/50 Raffle, students will sell raffle tickets to their friends and family and the winner of the raffle will take 50% of the proceeds from the raffle itself. Your group would only need to supply the raffle tickets for this to be a success! You can also change the ratio to make more profits-- for example 60/40 or 70/30.


For this fundraiser your students will print and laminate some large fish and attach them to yard stakes. The students will the "school" members of their community by putting the fish in their yard. They can also create a poster that says, "You just got schooled on civics by _______ High School Engage!" Members of your community can pay $20 for Yard Insurance to guarantee their yard cannot be "schooled". Members of your community can also pay $30 to override their neighbors insurance and "school" them. To have the school removed from their yard, members must either pay a $5 netting fee and move them to a neighbors yard, or they can pay $10 to have the fish removed by your Engage Club.

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