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Justin BennettJustinBennettEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(617) 746-0794Other

Hello again,

Checking in on the recent article offer I sent you – if it piques your interest, I'd be delighted to send you an article tailored for your website, looking into why a 'reset' trip is so important for your mental health.

If interested, please let me know.

Thank you for your time!
Justin Bennett

P.S. Are you interested but would like a different topic? That's perfectly fine! Kindly share your topic suggestion with me. Not interested? Please inform me, and I will refrain from contacting you again.

June 6, 2024View Details
Camila AyalaCamilaAyalaEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(470) 710-5195Other

If I apply for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award, about how long will it take for me to get it?

May 14, 2024View Details
Tyler SimpsonTylerSimpsonEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(912) 409-4005Educator Resources

I'm interested in having my group join the upcoming Youth Assembly. However, I need some information clarified before we proceed with registration. Could you provide details on the process and any necessary requirements?

May 7, 2024View Details
Kelvin PeraltaKelvinPeraltaEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(770) 637-6179Other

Do you have an interest in a custom professional cleaning quote for your business space? We prioritize the health and wellness of our clients, offering a no-obligation quote for our top-quality and reliable cleaning services.

Just came across your company and as we are both local, thought I would reach out to see if we can help at all.

Have a wonderful week!

Warm regards,

Kelvin Peralta
ACC Facility Services

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Vikashini VenkatasamyVikashiniVenkatasamyEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(678) 974-9430Other

Good morning!

My name is Vikashini Venkatasamy, and I am currently a junior in high school. I was interested in applying for the civic engagement diploma seal, but realized that certain course requirements (government, economics,etc.), I will only be taking in senior year. I was wondering if I can still apply this year, and if so when I will hear back on whether or not I am accepted. If not, when in senior year would I apply for it?

Thank you,
Vikashini Venkatasamy.

May 1, 2024View Details
Nyasia HollowayNyasiaHollowayEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(912) 246-5759Starting a Chapter

I am a teacher at Dublin Middle School, and I was interested in bringing this program to my school.

April 26, 2024View Details
Tara CottonTaraCottonEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(678) 548-5807Other


My name is Tara Cotton. I recently became an AKC Canine Ambassador, and our mission is to spread education about purebred dogs, AKC, and dog sports. I am looking to make connections for opportunities to share this side of the dog world with students. I would love to schedule a time to come speak to a class in my area (Griffin, GA and the surrounding areas), if you agree 😊 My dog, Cutter the Corgi (who is a registered therapy dog), would enjoy being a part of the presentation as well and I know the students would get a kick out of it.

The GA Senate recently passed a resolution SR344 recognizing May 1st as Purebred Dog Day. AKC has resources that not only help with dog sports and responsible dog ownership but also supporting legislation that is beneficial to their cause.

Please let me know how to proceed. Thanks!

April 22, 2024View Details
William HargroveWilliamHargroveEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(317) 646-8902Other

Good evening,

Could you share more information about how to get involved as a volunteer?


April 17, 2024View Details
Brittany HordBrittanyHordEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(706) 271-7570Other

Hi- I haven’t received any requests for payments or auto debits for my daughter’s trip since I signed her up. I had entirely forgot about it honestly. When is final payment due so I know how quickly I need to come up with this?

Lennon Hord/ Whitfield co schools/ Eastbrook middle/ 6th grade- trip 5/13-16


March 11, 2024View Details
Edward LeachEdwardLeachEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(706) 934-5355Other

I am contacting you regarding your Youth Assembly that is currently taking place. My daughter is attending this assembly and is right now at 12:31 AM, waiting for a room at a long with a lot more children at the Crowne Plaza. Apparently the hotel has knowingly overbooked for this event, and kids are stuck sitting on couches in the lobby. It seems there was no communication between your organization and the hotel. Something should be done about this and fast. It is a terrible look for your organization. Thank you

February 26, 2024View Details
Emily NelsonEmilyNelsonEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(801) 870-7901Program Information

I just came across your program. I am interested in the Youth Assembly for my student. Is it too late to apply for the 2024 session? Thank you, Emily Nelson

February 18, 2024View Details
Nicole BlairNicoleBlairEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(706) 449-2919Billing

I had signed my daughter up for the 6th-grade field trip for Whitfield County that is taking place in May. I had paid the $100 deposit. Her dad told me he finished paying for it, but can't provide documentation that it's paid for. I need to make sure it's paid in full. If it isn't, then I need to pay for it in full myself.

Nevaeh Blair Robertson
6th grade
New Hope Middle
Whitfield County

February 12, 2024View Details
Leah MaderLeahMaderEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(770) 608-9869Starting a Chapter

Hi!! I’m looking for info from the meeting that was held at cartersville middle school last evening regarding the tour of GA trip. We had to miss it and I would love info and payment info.

Leah Mader

January 30, 2024View Details
Kira MusgroveKiraMusgroveEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(303) 995-4803Starting a Chapter

I am inquiring about starting a chapter for middle school in Alpharetta, GA at Amana Academy. We are interested in the fees and attending the spring conference. Can you please be in touch with me soon?

Kira Musgrove

January 24, 2024View Details
Kamilah BrownKamilahBrownEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(912) 777-9506Other

Good afternoon,
Last year was my senior year and I completed all the community service through pollworking to get my civil engagement seal. I missed the date to take the test because I was sick and never did the presentation. Is there any way I could still earn my civil engagement deal even though I just started college and graduated last year?

Thank you,
Kamilah Brown

January 23, 2024View Details
Sheila GunterSheilaGunterEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(404) 889-5973Billing

now that the gladden middle school Washington DC trip is back on and sold out, where do I go to make more payments?
There is not a link on this website
Thank You

January 20, 2024View Details
Araceli ShannonAraceliShannonEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(850) 339-8856Billing

Good afternoon, my name is Araceli Shannon, I am a teacher at Hilsman Middle School, I resgistered to be one of the chaperone for the for the Hilsman Middle School Orlando 2024, scheduled on March 26-29, 2024. This message is to inform you that I am withdrawing my registration because I will not able to go. Please let me know what steps I need to take to get back the money I already paid. Thank you

January 19, 2024View Details
Julie FrisbeeJulieFrisbeeEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(706) 581-7609Billing

I wanted to check to see if my son's payments (Ryder Frisbee) have been made thus far for his trip with North Whitfield Middle School in Dalton, GA to go to Pigeon Forge in May. I made the original payment in October and believe that I set it up for all payments to continue to be paid from the same credit card each month. Any help would be appreciated.

Julie K Frisbee

January 18, 2024View Details
Lisa PattersonLisaPattersonEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(706) 980-9638Billing

Paid deposit for my daughters trip but never received info on paying balance

January 9, 2024View Details
Randall MartinRandallMartinEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(925) 438-0995Billing

Skyline Building Care is a local, top-quality cleaning company specializing in cleaning commercial facilities in California, DC, New York, New Jersey and Georgia. We can guarantee reliable janitors and a thoroughly cleaned facility at an affordable cost. If you’re interested in a complimentary no-obligation quote, simply respond to this email and I’ll be in touch!
“You exceeded our expectations. Having worked 25 years in a service business, I appreciate professional people who know their job and perform it well. Thank you for the outstanding work!” —Jim, Fremont


Randall Martin
Founder & CEO
Skyline Building Care

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January 3, 2024View Details
Yvonne DeBellotteYvonneDeBellotteEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(404) 936-3379Other

Your contribution means the world to us, and we want to express our heartfelt thanks for all the great work you do and your donation as we enter our 20th year. With your support, we can continue our vital work and make a difference in the lives of those we serve. #ShakeUp TheNorm #lnnovationlnleadership #lnternshipRevolution http://www

December 27, 2023View Details
Breanne WiltonBreanneWiltonEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(402) 430-2340Program Information

Hello I am the Social Studies specialist for the state of Nebraska. I am looking at starting a civics seal here for our state and was checking out your requirements. Can I get more info on the capstone project guidelines? What does that look like? Do you look at each one or is that at the school level? I am a team of one so any information is super helpful.

Thank you for your time and help.


December 19, 2023View Details
sheila guntersheilagunterEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(404) 889-5973Billing

do we get refunds if our school has to cancel the DC trip due to not having enough participants?
We got a notification this evening that the Gladden Middle School/Murray county DC 2024 trip will have to be cancelled if they do not get 13 more students to apply.
Thank you

Sheila Gunter
second email:

December 18, 2023View Details
Reid MilesReidMilesEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(423) 713-3835Billing

My name is Reid Miles. I've registered my daughter for the DC trip with Dade County Middle School and need to cancel this registration. I also need to cancel the installment plan that we set up to pay for the trip. I've already paid $125 toward the trip and would like this to be refunded please if able. I am unable to change anything through the trip ticket site after signing in.

Thank you,
Reid Miles

December 10, 2023View Details
Perry TarletonPerryTarletonEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(404) 818-4419Other

The Omni Atlanta Hotel at Centennial Park would be very interested in submitting a proposal to host your annual meetings in Georgia. Please provide the individuals contact information or email address so I can provide promotional incentive
information for any events planned for 2024 or beyond events.

Thank you.

December 7, 2023View Details
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