Robert Toombs Christian Academy 2023 DC Trip

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What are my payment options?

Payment Plan Options

  • Pay In Full
  • Six Installments

Credit Card Transactions have 4% Service Fee

You will select a payment plan for your student/family during the registration process.  If you choose to pay online using a credit card, your cost will include the 4% fee.  If you choose to mail in payment, you will be able to print an invoice after your registration.  Please mail that invoice in with your payment to ensure the proper account is credited.  You will receive an email each month with a payment reminder.

If you are mailing in a payment, checks are to be made out to Georgia Center for Civic Engagement and mailed to PO Box 3789, Cartersville, Georgia 30120.  Please be sure to include your student's/family's name on the check.

What do I pack?

How do I pack for a school trip to Washington DC?
There is so much excitement leading up to a school trip to Washington DC. Your mind is filled with the amazing things that you will see and learn and all the fun that you will have with your friends along the way. However, if you are like most parents and students, there is a moment of panic the night before departure.

What exactly do I need to pack? How should I organize it? Follow these tips to properly prepare for your school trip.

Suitcase & Backpack
You will want to have 2 bags, your luggage and a backpack. You must be able to carry your own luggage, so don’t over pack. Anything packed in your suitcase will be under the bus until we unload at the hotel. Make sure any item you need for the bus ride is packed in your backpack. Also, there will be times, due to security or policy, we recommend not taking your backpack off the bus. So pack light.

• Size: A small drawstring type of bag.
• What’s Inside: The things that you would like to have close, but don’t need everywhere you go.
• Where It Stays: On the bus. The motor coach is locked when passengers are not on board. On most trips, you will ride the motor coach at several points throughout the day where you will have access to these items.
• Ideas to Pack: Any snacks, drinks, lotion, hand sanitizer, umbrella, jacket, headphones, sunglasses, sunscreen, mints, chap stick, make up, copy of the itinerary, etc.

Check the Weather in Washington DC
The weather in Washington, DC may be dramatically different than your hometown. It may also vary throughout your trip. Confirm the weather forecast the day before your departure and prepare accordingly. Below is our guide for your season of visit.

March, the first month of the spring in Washington, is a fresh month, with temperature in the range of an average high of 53.2°F and an average low of 37.2°F. In March, the average high-temperature slightly increases from a chilly 44.8°F (7.1°C) in February to a cool 53.2°F (11.8°C). Weather in March »

Do You Have?
• Sunscreen
• Sunglasses
• Warm Jacket
• Gloves/hat
• Winter coat
• Rain coat
• Umbrella
• Extra set of shoes (no flip flops!)

Confirm School Trip Dress Code
Does your school have a school trip dress code? Many schools have guidelines in place for what can and cannot be worn during a school trip. Prepare accordingly.

Will the students have school trip t-shirts or sweatshirts? Many schools commemorate the trip with a t-shirt that everyone wears on a particular day. Make sure yours is packed!

Washington, D.C. Trip Packing List
Suggested items to bring:

  • One (1) large piece of luggage
  • One (1) backpack (drawstring type)
    • Backpack items:
    • Coat/Jacket, rain jacket, dress in layers (please check weather forecast before your departure)
    • Snack Food (no dairy products, water only and must be in sealable container)
    • iPods, iPads, Kindles, etc. to enjoy on the bus (remember to bring headphones
      and extra batteries!)
    • Medicines and Copies of any Prescriptions (give to teacher w/specific instructions)
    • Magazines, books
    •  A pillow and light-weight blanket for the bus (if you wish)

      Large luggage items: Dress code per school regulations

    • Enough clothing for the days you are in Washington, plus 1 extra outfit
    •  1 ljacket for cold weather or rain
    •  Poncho or travel umbrella
    •  Pajamas
    •  Underwear & socks for the days in Washington plus 1 extra
    •  Toothbrush & toothpaste
    •  Sunscreen
    •  Sunglasses
    •  Hat or visor
    •  Hairbrush
    •  Toiletries: shampoo, soap, deodorant, etc.
    •  Comfortable walking shoes plus an extra pair if it rains (no flip-flops!)

      Packing Tips:

    • Don’t over pack! A common mistake is to take too many clothes, unnecessary toiletries, etc.
    • Each student must be able to carry their own luggage. Usually one suitcase and one backpack are sufficient. Use Ziploc bags to hold shampoos and other toiletries that could leak.
    • Mobile Phones - We strongly encourage the students to limit the use of their mobile phones during the trip. We make this request for several reasons.
      •Our time in Washington, D.C. is limited and we highly encourage each student to take advantage of their time and completely immerse themselves in the experience.
      •Students are not to call friends on other buses or in other hotel rooms.
I have questions, who can I contact?

We are more than happy to assist you if we can.

Dr. Randell Trammell ( is our CEO and will be leading your group trip to Washington, D.C.

You can also call us at 770-455-9622