Redistricting Toolkit

When the US Census occurs each decade, the population size determines representation at the federal level and where representational boundaries are placed due to population density.  On the federal side, if a state gains or loses a Congressional seat, this is known as reapportionment.  As a result of the 2020 Census, Georgia did not gain or lose congressional representation.   The chart below from the US Census Bureau shows the states who gained and lost congressional seats.

Since Georgia did not lose or gain any congressional seats, population density determines how congressional districts will be redrawn by the Georgia General Assembly. State and local districts will shift as well.  This is called redistricting.

Redistricting is a teachable moment for civics classrooms and an opportunity for students to engage in current and societal issue discussions and simulations of democratic processes as it relates to the Georgia Standards of Excellence.

This Redistricting Toolkit provides Georgia classrooms with free resources to address essential questions related to federalism, power, representation, justice, and equality.