Open House Toolkit

An easy way to get new members is by having a table at your school’s open house.  This is a way for you to get the interest of the student and their family! A great way to get them interested is to show them the awesome things that your Club has already done in and out of the classroom and what plans your for the future!

Use the checklist below to host an open house and inform others about ENGAGE.

  1. Use the ENGAGE Intro Presentation to discuss the benefits of ENGAGE and provide a general overview of the organization.
  2. Showcase both Club and member achievement. These achievements might include:
    • Community involvement, including community service hours members have served
    • Attendance at an ENGAGE conferences such at Youth Assembly or Model United Nations
  1. Create a take-home packet for prospective members and their families. Suggested resources are linked below:
  1. Consider having current members or ENGAGE Alumni share personal highlights of their experience!
    • What have they gained from CCE Programs and ENGAGE?
    • What skills has CCE Programs and ENGAGE helped them develop?
    • Where have they traveled for CCE Programs and ENGAGE?