For Educators


Education Mission

Our mission is to educate and equip students to become informed and active citizens.  Our natural partner in achieving this mission is the educator.  In addition to our direct student programming, we use the ‘train the trainer’ approach wherein we help the educator by providing curriculum, classroom and instructional resources, professional development opportunities, and more.  Using this approach, we feel that we can have a direct impact on their students as well.

Educator voice

Educators are heroes.  They are in the classroom with students day after day and know exactly what works--and what doesn’t.  We invite you to hear what educators have to say about our programs.

professional development

Andy Hargreaves hit the nail on the head when he said, “too many professional development initiatives are done to teachers-not for, with, or by them.”  When we offer a professional development opportunity, you can rest assured it is designed with you, the educator, in mind.

We have a committee of educators who help us develop each of our initiatives from curriculum to professional development.  While the ultimate goal is to always serve students better, we realize that that can only be done with a proper and solid investment in you, the educator.  Our professional development opportunities are designed intentionally to give you something to take back to your classroom and implement easily.