Bagley Middle 2023 Tour of Georgia

Trip Departure Countdown

What are my payment options?

Payment Plan Options

  • Pay In Full  $475 (check) |  $494 (with credit card)
  • Five Installments
    • October 15       - Deposit    $75  |  $78 (with credit card)
    • November 15   - Payment $100  |  $104 (with credit card)
    • December 15   - Payment $100  |  $104 (with credit card)
    • January 15       - Payment $100  |  $104 (with credit card)
    • February 15     - Payment $100  |  $104 (with credit card)

Credit Card Transactions have 4% Service Fee

You will select a payment plan for your student during the registration process.  If you choose to pay online using a credit card, your cost will include the 4% fee.  If you choose to mail in payment, you will be able to print an invoice after your registration.  Please mail that invoice in with your payment to ensure the proper account is credited.  You will receive an email each month with a payment reminder.

If you are mailing in a payment, checks are to be made out to
Georgia Center for Civic Engagement and mailed to PO Box 3789, Cartersville, Georgia 30120.  Please be sure to include your student's name and BMS-TOGA on the check.

What do I pack?

Students are allowed to bring:

  • A medium sized suitcase (to be checked)
  • A backpack (carry on)
  • A pillow (carry on)

Recommended Packing List:

  • School-appropriate clothing for the entire trip.
  • Comfortable shoes for walking
  • Appropriate toiletries (deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.)
  • Jacket or sweatshirt
  • Camera/Cell Phone
  • Books, magazines, playing cards, etc.
  • Snacks (not all candy) in re-sealable ziploc-type bags
  • Drinks (and water) in twist top bottles
  • No more than $50 in spending money
  • Headphones
  • Hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, and bug spray

What NOT to Bring:

  • Portable DVD players or game consoles (Xbox, PS3, etc.)
  • Drinks in cans
  • Red Bull type energy drinks
  • Anything prohibited by your school handbook or the law
  • Gym bags as a carry on
  • Large amounts/denominations of cash
  • Fancy clothing or any clothing that does not meet school dress code


  • All prescription medications must be submitted to your school’s trip leader with specific directions for administration/dosage.
  • Medications should be in original packaging/bottle.
  • All medications should be listed on the Medical Release Form.

Students are responsible for their own belongings. Neither your school or the Georgia Center for Civic Engagement are responsible for lost or damaged items.

Parents, please make sure your student only brings items that are permitted.

I have questions, who can I contact?

We are more than happy to assist you if we can.

Dr. Randell Trammell ( is our CEO and will be leading your group trip to Washington, D.C.

You can also call us at 770-455-9622